Document Conversion


Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tools to convert documents between file formats from scan to Word, Excel or PDF.

Centriworks offers Personal Paperless Document Manager (PPDM)—a Ricoh solution that makes document scanning and conversion more personal and more productive for users. The solution bundle gives users the ability to personalize their multi-functional printer (MFP) with their own workflows and destination folders to simplify scanning and document conversion. On the desktop, a suite of software applications give users the ability to modify, combine, or create new documents and send them into a corporate document management system or share with others via email or the cloud.


PPDM allows you to automatically route documents to a wide variety of destinations to facilitate business processes. You can convert paper documents into any number of popular digital formats, including Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Corel WordPerfect and send them to your desktop computer. PPDM makes it easy to create and edit PDF documents for securing, sharing, printing and archiving business critical documents.