Managed IT Services in Knoxville and Tri-Cities

The maximum number of rings before we live answer every time: 2
Our average time in minutes from request to resolution: 35
The percentage of tickets we resolve with just a phone call or email: 90
Our average customer satisfaction score on a 0-5 scale: 4.8
Network Security Knoxville

Through our Managed IT Services, Centriworks can help small to medium businesses manage or reduce information technology costs, improve efficiency, gain better visibility into IT, and align IT with core business objectives.

With Centriworks, your business will benefit from a complete team of certified IT consulting professionals with a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience. Our Centriworks team has earned more professional IT certifications than any other provider in East Tennessee. Our experts will be able to solve many IT problems automatically and remotely, and with strategic planning and budgeting, help your business move to a more proactive versus reactive approach to IT management.

IT Consulting & Support

Downtime is expensive. It can hurt credibility and take time away from essential business tasks. Small and medium businesses need a support team they can trust to provide advice, resolve issues quickly, and, where possible, proactively correct issues before they become problems. Centriworks provides the years of IT expertise and a trusted philosophy you can count on.

Our Service Desk is staffed during normal business hours with support engineers credentialed with current CompTIA®, Microsoft®, HP®, and Cisco® certifications. Their guiding principle is to create an outstanding service experience at each customer touch point. Our support engineers have been selected for their ability to listen, understand issues, and arrive at a solution that puts users back on track as quickly as possible.

For onsite service, you can rely on the consistent support of our friendly, highly-trained, certified technicians and IT consulting specialists. Best of all, we are locally-owned and operated, so you can count on us to know you and your business on an individual level and to respond quickly and effectively.

  • Network Monitoring
  • Software Sales and Installation
  • Network/Computer/Scanner Hardware
  • Network Management Services
  • Network Patch Management + Remediation
  • vCIO/vCTO Consulting Services

Network Security

Centriworks IT staff understands and stays on top of best practices that address endpoint network security because we know it’s critical to your Knoxville business. From endpoint protection to email-based threats, we think about protecting your assets every minute of every day-so that you can focus on running your business.

Endpoint Protection | Behind the firewall, the most important piece of security technology is Endpoint Protection. All small businesses have it, but few understand how to manage their product to effectively mitigate attacks on their growing number of networked devices. We have coupled a best-in-class product with a knowledgeable Service Desk to create a fully-managed network security product.

Email Security | Spam accounts for more than 85% of all email traffic. Our cloud-based spam-filtering service guards against viruses, spam, spyware, and other email based threats. This reduces the time users spend on filtering and improves their productivity by getting rid of threats and unwanted emails before they reach the inbox.

Web Security | The Internet is a double-edged sword for small businesses. On one side, it has accelerated the speed of business and puts a wealth of information at our fingertips. On the other side, it is a source of business-crippling threats and is a potential productivity vacuum for employees. We can help protect IT assets from web-borne malicious threats while at the same time restricting access to employer-chosen web sites and services that impede productivity.

Data Protection

Data Protection is as critical to the continuity of a small business as property insurance, perhaps more. Though most small businesses understand the importance of backing up their data and storing a copy offsite, many struggle with execution.

Centriworks offers an array of backup solutions and cloud services which can be tailored to fit our customers’ varied business requirements. Your business can benefit from enterprise-level backup administration without the associated costs and on staff expertise requirements. We can fully administer and manage the backup process, ensuring it occurs successfully and is transmitted off-site.

  • On premise data protection solutions include daily monitoring for peace of mind
  • Cloud-based data protection provides hassle-free, off-premise backup
  • Competitively priced solutions for small businesses with limited IT staff

Contact Centriworks today, and keep your business data safe and available.


Centriworks hosted email and mobile support provides safe mobility for your business or organization.

Hosted Email | Email is a critical communication tool for small businesses. Owning, managing, and administering an email server is complex, time consuming, and expensive. Centriworks offers an array of affordable, fully managed, hosted email solutions that eliminate headaches for your business.

Mobile Support | Small businesses rely heavily on their mobile devices to communicate. Management of these mobile devices is critical as users access business resources from their laptops, smart phones, and tablets. We can streamline device administration and help you use mobile technology in a simple, secure way.

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