Register now for our June 24th webinar! Learn how to Drop the File Share with DocuWare. Working from home (WFH) has created new challenges when it comes to accessing your documents and information. For example, have you been experiencing slow VPN access to your shared folders? Is your cloud file share app disorganized? DocuWare Cloud enables you to intelligently store your documents in a secure, centralized repository so you always know where to find and access documents with ease – all you need is your browser, no VPN needed.

Attend and learn how you can have fast, reliable and flexible search options for your content and get work done without frustration.

These webinars are concise, clear and get right into the information (most are only 15 minutes before the question & answer segment), so it’s not a big time investment to see how you could put DocuWare to work in your organization. We use this application in every department at Centriworks, and we’ve seen the benefits first-hand.

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JUNE 24, 2021 — 11am

Drop the File Share — Use DocuWare