About Us

We’re locally owned, nationally recognized.

About Us

We’re locally owned, nationally recognized.

Since 1964, Centriworks has provided business technology needs, both innovative and green, for all of East Tennessee. We specialize in improving your company’s productivity and sustainability by using our advanced hardware and software solutions to improve your document and digital information management systems.

At Centriworks, we are committed to providing our clients with unmatched excellence in service and support. Although we are decorated with many awards and recognitions for our service, our most important recognition comes from our happy clients. We strive to make every one of our clients a Raving Fan.

Our Core Values

Our core values are not just words written down on paper, they define who we are, what we do, and what we want to become.


We are one team with one goal. We share the same hours every time we come into the office, and we use them all to work together. Regardless of the department, from Administration to IT, our actions are solely altruistic. We believe in our clients, but we also believe in our people.


We strive to always do the right thing. Our services, products, and the people who provide them are genuine, trustworthy, and rightfully qualified to help our clients. Everyone here is completely transparent, and they’re excited to help you find a solution.


Not every problem is an easy fix. Sometimes you have to dig deeper, find the solution faster, or even ask more questions. No matter the challenge, our goal is to not only provide a product and service, but to offer our absolute best, regardless of the department.


If we uphold the core values of One Team, Integrity, and Excellence, we create Raving Fans. Raving Fans doesn’t just mean our clients, it means being fans of each other too!

Work smarter, work greener.

To be an environmentally responsible business partner that reduces, reuses, and recycles, we’re proud to operate under the Greenworks program. The Greenworks program, created and perfected by our dedicated experts, include ethical green technology practices such as recycling used materials like paper, cardboard and e-scrap, duplexing prints, utilizing recycled office paper, only using non-toxic cleaning products, and outfitting offices with energy efficient lighting and devices.

We’re more than happy to help our clients turn their business models green by educating them on topics such as recycling toner and reducing waste. They can be confident that our team is prepared to prep them for future sustainability, all while preserving the environment. We believe technology and nature can and should co-exist without infringing on each other.

Whether our clients are complying with mandatory regulations or are looking for other ways to save costs while going green, we’ve found technology solutions beneficial for any business and organization looking to meet their sustainability goals.

We have been recognized nationally as an inaugural member of the Ricoh Eco Excellence Program. As an Elite Dealer member of REEP, we are committed to reducing our own environmental impact and helping clients do the same.

We’re part of our community.

Over our many decades in business, Centriworks has supported over 100 civic and non-profit organizations including the Friends of the Smokies, Ronald McDonald House, Friends of ETHRA, The Historic Tennessee Theatre, Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley, CASA of Northeast Tennessee, Wreaths Across America, the Dollywood Foundation, and McNabb Center.

Centriworks is proud to directly donate a percentage of our total profits to our local community, but our commitment goes beyond just funds. We encourage and enable our employees to volunteer their extra time and talents to charities and other organizations that need help, further enriching and benefiting those in need. We believe in the impact of charity, and how it can affect future generations for the better.