Protect Your Data. Magnify Your Productivity.

SECURITY FIRST Managed IT Services for Knoxville, Tri-Cities, and throughout East Tennessee.

Protect Your Data.
Magnify Your Productivity.

SECURITY FIRST Managed IT Services for Knoxville, Tri-Cities, and throughout East Tennessee.

Get back to your core business. Whether you’re in the healthcare, legal, financial services, or manufacturing industries, we’ll keep you cybersecure and high performing. 

We measure our success through the success of our clients. Hear first-hand from our clients about the benefits of working with Centriworks. Our innovative solutions have helped businesses and organizations in a variety of industries be more productive, work more securely, focus on their core business and reach their sustainability goals.

“They were right there on top of things making sure that they were handling that technical side of our business, so that I could handle this side of the business.“
— Melinda Hughes / Russell’s Pest Control

Our IT Service Offerings

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3 Simple Steps to an IT Partnership You Can Trust

Sign up for a network assessment.

Gain insight into your top IT needs and priorities.

Get a customized managed IT services plan.

Our Process

We do a deep dive into your complete IT infrastructure and systems with questions, observations, data, and interviews.

We prioritize your technological needs and design a roadmap that will make your IT stronger, faster, and more secure.

We implement the plan step-by-step and track our progress.

We continuously monitor, support, and optimize your IT so that it remains secure, relevant, and user-friendly.

15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyberattack

Did you know that 81% of all breaches happen to small/medium sized businesses?

Centriworks can help identify your security weaknesses, suggest and implement security best practices to mitigate the weaknesses, and propose and install tools to help meet your compliance obligations. Download this guide for an overview of the basics.

Get technology that puts your productivity and security FIRST. 
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Welcome to Centriworks, the most security-first managed IT Services provider in East Tennesse and Knoxville. We specialize in IT assessments, managed IT Services, cybersecurity solutions and Hardware as a Service (HaaS) including copiers and printers. When it comes to cybersecurity, we’re thrilled to have a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) on our team. Our expert team is fully equipped to serve small to medium-sized businesses in the healthcare, legal, financial services, and manufacturing sectors in the Knoxville, Tri-Cities, East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and Southeast Kentucky regions.

Our company is CompTIA Security Trustmark+ verified.

Centriworks is a CEO Juice NPS Top 10 Service company.