Managed IT Services

Build your team’s productivity and reduce downtime.


Build your team’s productivity and reduce downtime.

5 Considerations for Selecting a Managed IT Services Provider in Knoxville or the Tri-Cities

You’ve taken the first step to recognize that Managed IT Services are the best way to take care of your business technology. From the proactive management of software updates to oversight of data, supplies, and service, Managed IT can take your tech operations from a time-consuming nightmare to the biggest boost for your company. Now that you’re researching services in Knoxville, the Tri-Cities, or elsewhere in our region, here are a few critical things to consider.

Managed IT Services


You want a vendor partner that prioritizes security first. Ensure this is the primary consideration of the company you work with since this is what your business and investment hinge on. They should be aware of any and all compliance regulations that your business falls under and should be making recommendations to you. We cannot eliminate all risks, but we can minimize your exposure. Above all, your vendor should be very aware of your largest threat to cybersecurity, your own employees. For instance, they should have a systematic approach to onboarding and offboarding employees, as well as ways to help train employees on cybersecurity.


Management means overseeing all aspects of IT from software to devices to upgrades. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) has become the baseline now for Managed IT providers. They should be proactively monitoring your network and managing all your security updates and patches. Do not forget about the management of your firewalls and Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solutions you have in place, whether it is all on site, in the cloud, or hybrid.


Your operations and theirs are important. How does your business work, and how do you need to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with your vendor partner? Some companies will force you to email all support requests in or enter them through their online portal. Others offer a phone call option. Be sure to ask how you communicate issues with them. Do you have remote locations and how do they communicate? These are some questions you should be asking.

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Is your business open 24/7 or do you have normal hours? Do you have any seasonality? If you do have multiple offices, are they in different time zones? You will need to know what kind of availability you expect from your Managed IT team, so thinking about what your peak hours are and how your business changes is essential. Not only should you be thinking about the availability of the help desk, but also their Service Level Agreement (SLA) for onsite support.


You want to select an established, well-known provider that has proven success across the industry. Ask for and check their references. It may not be imperative that their references are exactly like you, but they should at least have some commonality. Remember, they should be your trusted advisor so you need to be sure of their capabilities.

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Managed IT Services in Knoxville and the TriCities

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What happens when your technology lets you down?

Downtime is expensive. It can hurt credibility and take time away from essential business tasks. If your technology isn’t working, then you’re not working. Businesses need a support team to help keep technology (and business) on track.

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What can Managed IT Services do?

We help keep you working efficiently, reliably, and securely. We keep things running smoothly by protecting your network from errors, obstacles and attacks. When there’s a problem, we’re on it—support from our friendly, knowledgeable techs is just a call or click away. In other words, you can focus on your core business because we’re managing the technology side of things.

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