Starting a small business can be chaotic. At Centriworks, we understand that there is a lot to sort out. There are new bills, processes to figure out, and a flurry of customers. While you’re hiring, organizing, and setting up how things will work, don’t underestimate the small business value of scanning. That’s right — scanning isn’t just for photos anymore.

Scanning is the secret to office organization, because it’s the first step in your document management system. Scanning files to a digital system makes your business easy to organize from the start — get things where you need them to be at the beginning, so you’re not searching or doing a total overhaul later.

Not up to date on document management? Time to get there — document management is the digital office system that sets your business up for success. Read on for more info.

New Year, New Office Starts Now

This is you in 2019 – organized, streamlined, and digital. Ready to get there? Here are the key systems to help.

1. Document Management
Document management is a well-laid out digital filing system that reduces physical storage, and makes communication, collaboration, and organization easier than ever.

2. Scanning Solutions
Scanning is the first step to digitizing your office, and is also the best way to stay ahead of hard copy files dragging you down. Use your multifunction printer or MFP to its full potential and scan all your files to digital.

3. IT Management
Managed IT is the next step up – ensure that as your operations become easier, you have the backup you need by outsourcing IT management.

4. Updated MFP
If you’re scanning files, going digital, and investing in print management to streamline operations, first make sure that your MFP is up to date and providing all the necessary features for your business to run smoothly.

Start Today
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