You’ve taken the first step to recognize that managed IT is the best way to take care of your business technology. From the proactive management of software updates to oversight of data, supplies, and service, managed IT can take your tech operations from a time-consuming nightmare to the biggest boost for your company. Now that you’re researching services, here are a few critical things to consider.

Updated Risks
First of all, make sure that the vendor addresses updated risks. Threats change all the time, and if they are talking about old hacks or attack styles, that’s probably not your company.

1. Security

You want a vendor partner that prioritizes security first. Ensure this is the primary consideration of the company you work with, since this is what your business and investment hinge on.

2. Management

Management means overseeing all aspects of IT from software to devices to upgrades. You may not need all these aspects covered, but you’ll want to know that your main elements are part of the service you hire.

3. Operations

Your operations and theirs are important. How does your business work, and how do you need to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with your vendor partner? Being aware of operations styles may make or break your partnership.

4. Availability

Is your business on 24/7? Or do you have normal hours? Do you have any seasonality? You’ll need to know what kind of availability you expect from your managed IT team, so thinking about what your peak hours are and how your business changes is essential.

5. Reputation

You want to select an established, well-known provider that has proven success across the industry.

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