Cybersecurity is a full time job for me and the things I learn through my work I really try to implement in my personal life. I got to thinking that there can never be enough cyber tips for home users and some guidance there is always helpful because that’s where each of us live. Just a few easy changes can make a world of difference so I put together a few tips that should payoff big for home users.

I know you might not be a multi-kajillionaire, but what I do know is that what I have I like to keep and secure. Here are a few items that may make your life better and a little less susceptible to being taken advantage of by bad actors. I hope this helps and if you have any questions please reach out.

1. Use antivirus and antimalware software on your computer.
BitDefender is better than nothing and these days it is rated among the best. Malware Bytes also works wonders.

2. Secure your email account(s) and use a password manager.
Use a different password for all your accounts. You can track and create good passwords in a password manager like Dashlane, Keeper, LogMeOnce or Lastpass. There are also free password managers that are also full featured like Keepass, Bitwarden or Password Safe.

3. Patch your computer.
For Microsoft users, every second Tuesday of each month is when the latest patches come out. Set a schedule and do it or just automate the process. Don’t forget your drivers (DriverEasy makes updating drivers a breeze). For Apple users, it’s done very secretively in the background (it’s just the way they are). For Linux it can be automated in some distributions or run apt regularly.

For the rest of our cybersecurity tips… just use the form below to download a handy pdf with more details and all 6 tips.

Todd Sheppard /// Centriworks Chief Information Officer


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