The use of phones is now so pervasive that we often use them casually and forget about phone etiquette. However, answering the phone at work is much different than using your phone. You become the point of the first contact for the caller, and you have a lot of responsibility in listening well and responding appropriately.

Setting the Tone
When you answer the phone at your place of work, you are the person setting the tone for the call, as well as that first impression that the customer gets. The way you handle yourself over the phone systems will say a lot to the customer about the kind of business they are dealing with. Proper phone etiquette will make the caller feel welcomed and ready to communicate. Even if the caller is angry, always listen and stay polite.

Building the Company’s Reputation

Imagine calling a business and having someone rudely answer the phone. Then, that person doesn’t know how to help you. This would give you an extremely negative view of this business as a whole. Likely, you wouldn’t call them again and find someone else to fulfill that need. Keep this in mind when you’re on the phone with a customer or colleague. The use of positive communication and phone etiquette can earn the company an excellent reputation. A friendly person on the phone may even get the company a few ratings online for being helpful and accessible. Stay polite, and don’t speak over the caller.

Facilitating Needs

When someone calls your place of work, they want something. They may want to convey a message or ask about a project. Often they will ask to be put into contact with another employee as well. Part of your etiquette you use with work phone systems is being able to offer help to the caller. When you take a call, find out what would best serve the caller, and deliver on that need. When the caller can call, get a polite response and quickly get the information needed, the customer will be satisfied with the call and the office staff as a whole

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