It’s a good idea to keep your workspace clean and disinfected. In light of the recent concerns with COVID-19, we’re sharing these best practices for cleaning MFP screens and operation panels. Read on to learn which products to use, what NOT to do, and how you can operate your RICOH device touch-free with your smart phone or tablet.


Do not use any cleaning products that contain:

• Bleach
• Ammonia
• Other harsh cleaning solvents

These products may cause the screen to become clouded, requiring replacement.


Most types of disinfecting household wipes or sprays (like Lysol wipes, Windex, etc.) are OK to use. Using a spray bottle? DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY on the device’s surfaces or components, as getting liquid inside the device could damage the internal components. Instead, lightly moisten a cloth and gently wipe down the screen and panels.

• A lint-free, microfiber cloth is recommended
• Avoid paper towels as they may scratch

Want to operate the panel touch-free from your smart phone or tablet?

Use the RICOH Smart Device Connector. This handy app allows you to operate the machine using a smart device. You can copy, print, scan and fax as well as specify copy settings such as copy quantity, B&W or Color, and simplex or duplex. Your frequently used settings can be saved as favorites. Visit the RICOH Connector app page for more information. The app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

If you have any other questions about how to clean your devices, or need assistance with the RICOH Smart Device Connector, please don’t hesitate to contact Centriworks today.