Do you consider the time spent in your office trying to communicate internally? Think about it for a minute—how much time is actually spent on the productive conversation, versus the time spent working to contact your co-workers. Sometimes, you call a few times, leave some voicemails, see if they are at their desk, set up a meeting, etc. etc. Is this time well spent for your role?

Waiting for follow up, approval, or a response can be a major productivity loss and can stall out projects and clients. In any business, evaluating the time you spend working to communicate is a good way to see that there may be other, more efficient solutions.

Office Communications
Office communications can result in lost time and effort, and no connection. That’s where solutions like VoIP come in, which stands for voice-over-IP. VoIP is one aspect of unified office communication that combines your phone systems with your computer systems, essentially merging communication styles so that they are more effective and provide the connection you are lacking.

Save vs. Cost
Saving on communications is one thing, but investing in a solution that will improve productivity, time management, and your communications is not only saving, it’s investing in your business. The cost/savings analysis is evaluated using the idea that each employee only spends five minutes per day trying to communicate with another employee, which can save even a small business about $1,000 per year. This matters, and the efficiency matters. It’s time to realize that time spent trying to communicate is not time well spent.

Shift to Saving on Communications
Time to make the move to communications that are more efficient, cost effective, and save money. We’re happy to partner with you for research, questions, and implementation—let’s talk today.


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