A Federal Communications Commission Order (FCC 19-72A1) released in August 2019 mandated that all copper lines in the U.S. be replaced with an alternative service like fiber or wireless communications.

Unfortunately, faxes do not work well over fiber and wireless. The end of copper lines is a problem for offices, schools, and clinics that use faxes every day as part of their communication and work processes.

Users could see problems like incomplete faxes, faxes unable to transmit, and slow transmission rates.

Centriworks is offering our clients a simple, effective solution to this upcoming problem through the implementation of a fax service via the cloud, or implemented as an on-premises solution using your multifunctionial devices (MFPs).

August 2, 2022 is the deadline for alternative services to be implemented, so don’t wait! Many Centriworks clients are already making changes to keep ahead of this quickly approaching deadline.

Contact us today to ensure your ability to continue sending and receiving faxes. Call (865) 524-1124 or use our online contact form.

AUGUST 2, 2022