Do you have employees working from home? Do you rely on video conferencing to meet with clients and fellow team members? When looking at a Business Continuity Plan, here are four factors to keep in mind that will help keep your organization running smoothly, even when the unexpected changes how we work.

1. Software that lets you work from anywhere is essential. Your team should be able to tap into resources beyond phones and email. Additionally, document management software is a great way to conveniently share and edit documents between multiple users who may be working in separate locations.

2. Use a VPN. A Virtual Private Network allows you to create a secure connection to your office’s network over the Internet. We can’t overstate how important it is to secure your connection when you’re offsite. Choosing the right time to deploy site-to-site VPN access — as opposed to client access — can be a challenge.

3. Assess the proper bandwidth you need. Determining how much internet bandwidth is enough — and how much is not enough — can be challenging. Accessing company resources from home or other offsite locations can be a slow process if everyone is on your VPN at the same time. Overbuying bandwidth is expensive, but underbuying it is, too.

4. Having the right hardware in place to handle your needs is important. Are your devices up to the task of keeping your team connected with each other and clients?

Our certified professionals can help with the complexities of calculating the right amount of bandwidth and choosing the right hardware. We can work with you now and help you plan in advance — keeping your workforce as productive as possible during the good and bad times of life.

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