Document security is essential in healthcare because HIPAA regulations mean ultimate confidentiality is the law. However, it’s important to remember that devices like multifunction machines, even with security features, aren’t automatically HIPAA compliant. They must be included in your compliance efforts. If a device is marketed as compliant, it means that it is a capability, not an automatic function. You must complete policies and procedures that adhere to HIPAA compliance. Many HIPAA regulations focus on confidentiality in transmittal, use, availability, and also the destruction of materials. One of the issues that healthcare practices realize is that hard copy documents can be much more cumbersome to manage for HIPAA regulations than digital files.

Scanning, Document Management, and Devices

Digital files can be secured via multiple avenues, making them more compliant to access and also simpler to dispose of.

An office workflow update that makes HIPAA easier is document management, which involves secure scanning processes and digital use to maintain security.

If you’re not already familiar with document management, now is the time to consider this functional system for your organization.

Security is Key!

To maintain ultimate secure access, consider the following as you integrate your protected systems:

1. HIPAA Compliant Devices – Remember, the device doesn’t show up compliant; it has to be set up and used securely.

2. Safe Scanning – Ensure that your scanning processes are protected and confidential, using policies and procedures that adhere to HIPAA regulations.

3. Secure Access – Protect digital documents with passwords and locked files, use passwords for printing, and invest in an encryption system. These efforts will make a big difference in the security of your data.

4. Safe Faxing – consider a solution such as RightFax which can help minimize the risks associated with faxing documents to the wrong number.

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