If you pay attention to the news at all, a cybersecurity breach is not something you find surprising anymore. While it doesn’t ruffle people the way it used to, security problems can still have significant effects on a company’s reputation and business operations.

Compromised admin accounts are one of the most significant cybersecurity issues that have grown in recent years and now involves more complex attacks over a more extended period than ever before. Research has shown that 75% of data theft includes some form of credential theft, which can be devastating to business operations and professional ambitions, and even the personal lives of administrators.

Attacks on individual accounts, leading to more substantial business data breaches is one of the growing threats seen in today’s IT world.

However, Office 365 has recently developed new ways to improve security features, making the program even more appealing to managers and business owners everywhere.

Office 365 Solutions

One of the latest solutions from Office 365 is Privileged Access Management (PAM), a feature that can allow an approval workflow in addition to RBAC controls as part of multiple Office 365 admin tasks. An example is that you can restrict executing Search-Mailbox and similar sensitive efforts without approval from a specific person.

Similarly, Microsoft presented the Lockbox feature years ago, which has been very successful and has proven the track record for security, including also the Customer Lockbox. Read on for a few other ways that Microsoft Office 365 helps business managers.

3 Ways Office 365 Works for You

Multi-factor Authentication
Adding an additional (yet simple) layer of protection to the login process, Office 365 ensures that every user is who they say they are — every time. This is the kind of attention that your business needs and the software supports repeated confirmation.

Encrypted Email and Data Loss Prevention
These features ensure that only the intended recipient can read emails sent to them, which is especially important in organizations that follow HIPAA regulations. Also, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) regulates sensitive information and ensures it isn’t sent outside the organization.

Mobile Device Management
Mobile device management is a simple, non-invasive way to manage company data that is on the mobile devices of employees. This isn’t necessarily reading the data; it’s monitoring it. This keeps your information safe, and tracks where data has been accessed in case a breach does occur.

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