Public Wi-Fi is convenient… but risky. Your data is at stake! We all acknowledge that Wi-Fi is essential for work, but 51% use it for sensitive tasks (Source: Yubico & Ponemon Institute).

Since devices often auto-connect to available wi-fi, it’s especially important to be aware of lurking dangers…

• Unencrypted Networks: Hackers read data.
• Malicious Hotspots: Rogue networks steal info.
• Wi-Fi Snooping: Eavesdropping & hijacking.
• Man-in-the-middle attacks: Cybercriminals access private data.
• Malware Distribution: Silent attacks endanger devices.

Protect yourself with these guidelines


✅ Connect to trusted networks
✅ Use VPNs
✅ Enable two-factor authentication
✅ Update devices
✅ Visit HTTPS websites


❌ Log in to sensitive accounts on public Wi-Fi
❌ Disable firewalls or security
❌ Auto-connect to Wi-Fi
❌ Forget to log out
❌ Use unencrypted sites/apps

Your team should know these dos and don’ts. Are they safe? Don’t risk it. Trust Centriworks to guide your cybersecurity strategy.

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