Every 39 seconds, some unlucky business is successfully taken down by a cybersecurity attack.


Small businesses, enterprises, you name it—crime doesn’t discriminate. If your business’s vulnerability gives an attacker a quick way to make cash, the risk is imminent.

When you’re hit with a cyberattack, your data is no longer private. Your clients’ data, your own personal banking data, your family’s recent medical tests and health history – someone else is staring at it.

Whatever the compromised data is, it’s your data that triggers the resulting catastrophic storm. Aside from the shame, cyberattack victims will also deal with:

Paying for damages

Getting your private data off the internet is difficult and expensive. Getting company data back from a threat actor who’s holding it for ransom is even more expensive (and usually illegal). Even if it’s “gone,” someone saw it already; you’ll have a long road ahead to get everything scrubbed clean.

Identity theft

Even if you manage to pick up the pieces after your data has been exposed, the journey only continues. Threat actors will squeeze whatever dollar they can out of your name, whether that be accessing your bank account or selling your personally identifiable information (PII) over the dark web.

Lawsuits and fines

If you’re a company, particularly those in highly-regulated industries with compliance concerns like healthcare, utilities, or finances, expenses are the least of your worries. The government could take legal action against you. Sure, it may be dismissed, but that takes months to years of investigation, exorbitant attorney fees, and the priceless reputation you worked so hard to earn.

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