Everyone is hoping to get back to normal in 2021. There are many factors that need to fall into place to help get everyone back to work and school safely during the current pandemic environment. One tool that can help is SENTRYSCAN. This piece of technology could have a profound effect on reopening safely and securely. In fact, it’s a game-changer.

We’re talking about SENTRYSCAN automated temperature measurement kiosks that automatically read body temperature in seconds. When positioned in reception areas and entrances, they can help manage who is allowed entry to that space, mainly based on body temperature. With devices that also have facial recognition installed, and the associated software to manage that information, users of these systems can also track and store readings for individuals — creating a system where vetted employees or visitors can be allowed in securely.

These kiosks are invaluable to help prevent virus spread and maintain a healthy environment for your employees, associates, visitors and the general public. With them, organizations can vet staff members and the public before entry to public and private premises such as office buildings, manufacturing plants, healthcare settings, supermarkets, factories, transport hubs, schools, and hotels. An added bonus is that these kiosks are non-contact and automatic, so you don’t need to have a staff member reading people’s temperatures at the entrance to your building or office.

Centriworks offers the industry-leading, automated personnel check-in kiosk — SENTRYSCAN. Here are a few of the benefits:

• Non-contact, fully automated kiosk
• Detects temperature of user standing in front of device
• Reads temperature in ~ 1 second
• Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds
• Integrate with gates, turnstiles and door access
• Verbal warning/success message plus LED traffic light system
• Facial recognition to allow entry for vetted individuals and store regular readings

These devices are made of durable, commercial-grade hardware with an 8-inch IPS full full-view LCD display. The built-in speakers provide verbal alerts including warnings for abnormal temperatures and an optional message requesting that individuals wear a mask if they are not wearing one.

SENTRYSCAN also supports various peripheral expansions such as an ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader, two-dimensional code reader, etc. You can monitor all users and incoming activities from a central backend on your network. You can pull reports based on areas and monitor, configure and control your devices from a central PC. There are multiple mounting options including desk stands, freestanding floor stands, turnstile integrations and wall mounts.

The kiosks are extremely accurate — with a marginal measurement error of ±0.2 °C (0.3 Meter) from close range, and ±0.5 0.5°C from further away. It only takes a few seconds for detection and an alarm will sound automatically when temperature abnormality is detected (at a threshold set by you).

The smart facial recognition pass speed is approximately 1 second. SENTRYSCAN supports recognition and comparison of faces even with surgical masks on and has a database capacity for 30,000 faces.

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