Phishing attacks are alarmingly common, contributing to 36% of data breaches in 2022.

Picture this…

You’re a seasoned executive, diligently sifting through your inbox after a long day. You spot an email from an employee claiming you’ve requested an immediate installation of a crucial company-wide software update.

Here’s the twist…

The email appears entirely legitimate. It mimics your company’s branding and even includes your name in the salutation. Intrigued and slightly puzzled, you start drafting a response, thinking perhaps you’d forgotten about this urgent request.

But then it hits you…

This is a phishing attempt! Your company’s employees could be fooled into downloading malware because they think this email is from a trusted source… you!


Watch Out For the Top 3 Phishing Schemes of 2023

✔️ Scrutinize the sender’s address – unusual or typo-ridden addresses are red flags

✔️ Beware of emails that create urgency – legitimate organizations maintain professionalism

✔️ Never share sensitive information in response to unsolicited requests

✔️ Avoid clicking on unfamiliar links or downloading attachments

✔️ Exercise caution on websites – look for “https” and steer clear of pop-up windows

✔️ Stick to official channels – avoid clicking links in emails or messages

Remember, trust your instincts.

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