Let’s get right to the point: There are specific Managed IT Service tactics that we deploy to empower your business, keep you safe, and put productivity and security first.  


These tactics address things like password management, protection when using certain applications, MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), and even browser management. 

Many of you will know Centriworks as a printer and copier dealer, but do you know about our highly-certified IT practice? We can manage your office technology using state-of-the-art monitoring tools, tactics, and methodologies that result in technology you don’t have to worry about. 

Here’s some of the very best tactics we use to protect your data and magnify your productivity:

Monitoring and Maintenance

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art monitoring tools to proactively identify and address potential IT issues before they happen. We perform system health checks, update all your software, deploy patches where available, and implement an infrastructure that’s robust enough to handle your workload. Our goal is to create a stable, scalable, and secure IT network.  

Speaking of stable, take a look at what some of your peers are saying about the result of how they transformed their businesses by working with Centriworks

24/7 Network Security

We employ a multi-layered approach to network security, combining firewalls, intrusion detection, and advanced threat detection mechanisms. We monitor your network around the clock, detecting and mitigating potential threats to safeguard your data and maintain compliance.

Get technology that puts your productivity
and security FIRST.

Data Backup and Recovery + Advanced Security

The goal of advanced Cybersecurity Services from Centriworks is to implement multiple layers of security onto your cybersecurity plan. We will build and install a Business Continuity Plan and Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) strategy that all but guarantees the safety of your data and your business.  These services are available as an add-on to our Fully Managed IT Services Plan or as part of a standalone option in conjunction with our Core services. They include benefits like:  

  • Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) 
  • Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) 
  • Software Patching 
  • Alerts 
  • DNS protection 
  • Anti-spam 
  • Firewall and Intrusion Detection and Backup Disaster & Recovery (BDR) 

Watch our 1-minute Data Dictionary video: What is BDR?

Employee Training

Your employees are the first line of defense and the most important defense against cyber threats. Centriworks has training programs designed with you in mind that will educate your staff about security best practices, phishing scams, what to look for before clicking on unfamiliar links, suspicious URLs, and managing your digital footprint while following IT wisdom from the National Cybersecurity Alliance.  We will help you foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness, as we empower your team to make informed decisions and avoid security pitfalls. 

According to one survey by CompTIA, 50% of companies who engaged an MSP saved 24% in annual IT costs, 33% saved 25-49%, and 13% reported savings of more than 50%.  

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