Did you know that Windows 7 and Server 2008 will reach end-of-life in January 2020? Don’t leave your windows open to cybercriminals. Technology is constantly evolving at an accelerated rate, and more than ever, it’s a cybersecurity issue. Acquire the technology you need to stay up-to-speed and keep your business and systems running securely. This includes upgrading to the latest Windows environment.

What is happening?

Microsoft ends support on Windows 7 and Server 2008 on January 14, 2020

• There will be no further patches or security updates and your systems will be at risk

Why is this important for my business?

• These unsecured systems can lead to data breaches, liability issues, and more

• Cybercriminals find systems that are no longer supported and exploit them

What should I do?

• Develop a budget and plan to replace or update your computers and servers before 2020

Contact Centriworks for an inventory evaluation

• Act now — this deadline is approaching fast and we want to help you before it’s too late

How can Centriworks help?

• We offer managed service plans that will keep you up and running with the latest technology

• Peace of mind for all your IT, technology, and cybersecurity needs on a fixed monthly budget without the need for hefty out-of-pocket expenses

Why Choose Us

With our Managed IT Services, we help keep you working efficiently, reliably, and securely. We keep things running smoothly by protecting your network from errors, obstacles and attacks. When there’s a problem, we’re on it—support from our friendly, knowledgeable techs is just a call or click away. In other words, you can focus on your core business because we’re managing the technology side of things.

We offer a highly-credentialed support team you can trust to provide advice, resolve issues quickly, and, where possible, proactively correct issues before they become problems—so that you can focus on running your business.

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