This problem has been around for quite some time but it still crops up with printers and Windows 10. So what is WSD printing? Its stands for Secure Web Services on Devices. So even the acronym is broken. Ha! WSD is similar to Apple’s Airprint and like Airprint it breaks some printers. WSD has been around since Windows 7 and still wreaks havoc in the computing land.

So basically, it’s a network setup protocol for printers. It’s supposed to make setting up printers easier, but what it unfortunately does is break printers and not allow them to print. WSD is the default way Microsoft wants Windows 10 to setup a printer. The next big thing is that even if you manually setup a printer, the WSD service can (and will) randomly setup printers to use the WSD Port and break printing. Sometimes one of the symptoms of this problem is sudden, slow printing, so take note.

Microsoft step-by-step procedure:
How to disable WSD in control panel

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