Going digital in your office operations has a major benefit — it’s a time saver. Is this surprising? Some business owners don’t think of this aspect of digital office operations, but it can be not only a cost-cutting solution but also a time saving one.

Document Management Equals a Digital Office

Going digital means reducing or removing hardcopy paperwork from your workflow. The way to do this is to invest in a document management service, which coordinates the process of scanning in all historical data, saving the files in an easy, organized system, and then continuing the process so that all interactions, contracts, materials, files, and more are online in a digital format. It makes operations flow better because you’re not trying to transition from the old workflow to the new one — you’re just there.

How Document Management Saves You Time

1. No rifling through file cabinets
There are keyword search features with document management, which means you won’t lose hours looking for a file ever again.

2. Cut back on waiting for approvals
Instead of letting a document get buried on someone’s desk waiting for approval, you can send it and flag it with a deadline so that it’s easy to follow up and stick to the timeline.

3. Stop running around for documents
No going to the printer, and back, and then scanning, and then to your desk, and then delivering a document. Do it all in seconds from your desk.

4. Immediate collaboration and communication
You don’t always have to get everyone in a room for a meeting. Send an email, upload info to project management, make edits, ask for information, and brainstorm all online, using the system you set up for a digital — and more productive — office.

Start Getting More with Document Management
The digital office is the efficient office. Saving time, money, space, and boosting security are all critical aspects of running a business in today’s world. Time to focus on what you need to exceed — contact Centriworks to get started.


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