Does it seem like every business solution seems to be less than simple and painless? Add the claim that it’s right for any business and many of us throw up the “no bull here” sign. After all, with the differing needs of businesses along with industry size, community, and more — can any single solution actually fit the requirements for a law office and a doctor’s office, or a construction company and an insurance company? Let’s look at one such solution: document management.

A Perfect Fit

Back to the “no bull here” sign, document management is not a “one size fits all.” Instead, it needs to be able to scale to and meet your unique needs and goals, making it a flexible part of your business rather than a pour you into our box solution.

Insurance companies tend to have specific needs when it comes to cybersecurity and securing the records they must keep. In order to protect sensitive client information without sacrificing efficiency or productivity, these companies need specialized processes, compliance with privacy regulations, and solutions that keep things running smoothly. Document management does this by providing secure cloud-based tools so employees never have to communicate or distribute files using unsafe third-party websites.

Here are a few more reasons why document management is perfect for insurance companies (and every other company, too):

Industry standards are constantly changing. To keep up with the competition and meet customer expectations, document management helps businesses streamline their workflows, communicate better, and eliminate inefficient processes (like using filing cabinets instead of scanning documents).

Document management helps companies gather data about their habits so they can improve. For example, by cutting out unnecessary steps and utilizing online tools rather than physical files, document management helps save time, limit waste, and improve productivity all at once.

Security is especially important for insurance companies. Document management helps cut down on risk both online and offline by introducing solutions like user authentication, providing data backups, and cutting out bad habits (like leaving papers stacked on desks).

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Todd Sheppard /// Centriworks Chief Information Officer

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