If you or your business has ever been on the receiving end of hacking by cybercriminals, you understand how challenging it can be to move forward knowing company data and employee information has been compromised. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable, as hackers aim to steal customer information as a pathway to larger corporate usage. If you think your business is too small to worry about cybersecurity, it’s time to shatter the misconception and protect your documents the right way.

Document management software is key to ensuring protection against cyberattacks and those destined to hack your network with ill-intent. Productivity increases with a well-established document management system that saves time and money. Turning to a software solution that meets regulatory requirements is how every small and medium-sized business in any industry can benefit.

The Benefits of Document Management

As a small business owner, it’s crucial to decrease the threats to cyber-attacks and has as many layers of protection between your data and those wanting to steal it. Document management solutions from a trusted IT services consulting firm are your best defense when needing to increase workflow, strengthen cybersecurity, and reduce costs.

Other benefits include:
• Savings in time and money
• Productivity increases
• Provides a central location for everything to be found in one place
• A simplified process
• Increased compliance
• Flexibility

Having every document at your fingertips ensures that workflow is managed and accessible, and the data-driven accounts of customers are protected and secure.

There are best practices to adhere to when you want to set up your small or medium-sized business for success. How you name and organize your documents is key to getting employees to stay on track. Having templates and guides for the workflow process ensures consistency and accuracy. If your business needs to implement document version control, it’s another way to take the guesswork out of policy changes. The length of time your business holds onto documents is managed effectively so employees can access older documents if need be.

Evaluate Your Current Solution and Go from There

Taking inventory of your best practices with document management begins with evaluating your current solution. Protecting yourself from cyberattacks, making certain that your current system can handle the workflow and network integration, and implementing a modern solution that manages policy lifecycles and drives accountability — these will get you from mediocre to success. If you are interested in learning more or would like help from the experts at Centriworks — give us a call today.


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