East Tennessee Human Resource Agency (ETHRA) is a nonprofit agency providing services throughout our region that help families and individuals with meal services, elderly care and services and transportation.

With dozens of programs serving thousands of people, the organization was generating a lot of paper –more than they could handle. And because they were subject to multiple state and federal compliance regulations and regular audits, ETHRA was required to keep a large portion of its hard copy paper records, sometimes for up to 10 years. Meanwhile, ETHRA’s storage space was rapidly shrinking and this physical paper-based storage model was becoming unsustainable.

ETHRA needed a comprehensive file and document management solution that could be compliant with document retention timelines and restore order to their systems.

This case study outlines how M-Files from Centriworks improved ETHRA’s document workflow, saving time, improving productivity and compliance while reducing costs overall (click button below to download).

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