In today’s day and age, passwords almost seem like outdated cybersecurity solutions. After all, aren’t there better ways to keep your networks, machines, and software safe? Well, the truth is that passwords can be a great benefit to your business—but you have to know how to put them to work for you

Password Habits

Creating “the perfect password” is only part of your job. To keep everything as safe as possible, there are other essential things to know—and the sooner you make these things a habit, the better. Luckily, there’s nothing too complicated to memorize or change. Simply step up your password game—and that’s easier than ever with a little help from Managed IT Services. Managed IT helps you change the way you think about, handle, and interact with technology, allowing you to implement the perfect solutions for your needs.

Take, for example, these simple password habits!

Go for phrases.
One-word passwords are simple and easy to guess. Longer, more complicated passwords, however–like phrases or whole strings of words–can give automated “password guessing tech” quite a headache. (Plus, a phrase is easier for you to remember than a random combination of symbols!)

Use encryption.
Encryption is an excellent safety net for your technology, but did you know it can protect your passwords too? Encrypting passwords means that, if they do get stolen, hackers won’t be able to understand or use them.

Make it a team effort.
Employees don’t mean to sabotage your security, but human error does exist. Get everyone on board by encouraging good password habits, offering proper training, and making each individual feel responsible for helping protect the company.

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