Your small business is running better than ever. You have more clients and more innovation than before. What can you do to boost your business to the next level? Have you considered Office 365?

With innovations for teamwork, communications, project management, and business oversight, it might be your best answer for a nudge to the next level.

Office 365 is the cloud-based productivity application that does more for you than any other single program for advancing, overseeing, and organizing your business.

Why is Office 365 Better?

Office 365 has more storage (up to 1TB per person), more functionality, and more programs to make it the best deal for running your business. Looking for more reasons?

1. Streamlined teamwork apps
From communications via email to collaboration and sharing, Microsoft Office 365 gives the power to your end users to improve teamwork and therefore improve client experience.

2. Access anywhere, anytime, same features
With cloud programming and top-notch security, your access from anywhere is safe and protected. But also, it’s accurate and usable — you won’t have an unrecognizable system offsite.

3. Desktop analytics
Desktop analytics provides an integrated, complete solution that saves time and money for your IT team or however you manage IT. Let go of endless processes and hours spent checking compliance by using this simple analytical tool.

4. Cloud connection and updates
Using the cloud connection, your updates will be automatic, and your previous data will all be organized in the new system.

5. Admin center improves oversight
You will marvel at the admin center, which brings similar apps issues, and controls all under one consolidated system that you can manage using understandable selections and security features.

Office 365 is Your Small Business Solution
Microsoft Office 365 is your small business solution. Reading the above info, you can see that it answers your needs while being user-friendly and convenient. If you’re not convinced, or you’re ready to get going – either way! – just contact the friendly team at Centriworks to learn more or get started.

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