Ricoh Corporation recognized twelve of Centriworks’ technicians for earning the 2020 Ricoh “Prestige” certification. The designation demonstrates knowledge and skill that makes them the “Best of the Best” as part of Ricoh’s Service Excellence Program.

Once again, Centriworks has been honored as one of the country’s highest-ranked dealers in Ricoh’s Prestige Certification Program. Twelve of our talented technicians achieved this upper echelon of service knowledge and skill. The “Prestige” certification is obtained via completion of on-line time-sensitive testing. It is available to be earned by all Ricoh-Savin-Lanier professionals recognized by Ricoh at the time of the examination. Nationally only 33 of the 333 RFG Dealers had one or more Service Engineers receive Prestige Certification. There were a total of 1,749 participants with 129 total awards earned. Of these, Centriworks had 12.

Only 18 Prestige Elites — the highest designation that signifies a mastery of both the hardware and technology knowledge tracks — were awarded nationally. Of these 18, Centriworks earned five. It’s no surprise that Centriworks is ranked 1st in our region for the most certified technicians.

Our team of Prestige Certified technicians show that our clients in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia can fully expect industry leading and award winning support for the life of their equipment.

“We are honored to have had so many of our service team members earn the Ricoh Prestige Certification. The results of this level of expertise manifests itself in the received excellent Net Promoter Scores.”
— J. Mark DeNicola // Centriworks Chief Financial Officer + Chief Strategy Officer


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