The digital office shift is easier than you think, and it’ critical to keep up with the pace of today’s workforce. You may pause at the idea and think about how to go digital from where your office currently sits – hard copy papers, printers, storage cabinets, etc. It’s a shift, but not a major undertaking to go digital and use document management if you partner with the right team.

Go Paperless

The key to going paperless is to have a plan in place. How to digitize old documents, set up an organizational system where you can find everything, and keep your office running on this system continuously. Employees will be on board with a little training and a good understanding of how the system will improve workflow and office operations.

How to Create a Digital Office

Here are the detailed steps for setting up a digital office, as outlined above.

Document Management

First, invest in a reliable, organized document management service with an experienced company you trust, like Centriworks.


Next, establish the best operating system for your business, and line out how each employee can stick to it at the beginning when the transition is new.

Scanning Systems

Then, scan in all your old documents and upload them to the new system. This will take a bit of time, but with the right scanning set up, it will be fast and worthwhile. Make sure documents follow the outlined process, and use this established workflow to make documents easy to find and refer to as necessary.

Start Today

Learn more about digital scanning with Centriworks. Our team of professionals have been in the business long enough to know how to make the shift to digital documents easy and painless. Get in touch today.

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