The threats to businesses of every type today are so numerous that it can seem like a cyberattack is inevitable. With so many thieves out to steal company data, having as many layers of protection as possible between the data and the thieves is the best way to combat this problem. Here are a few factors to keep in mind. Contact the IT professionals at Centriworks to build your cybersecurity defenses.

Blocking Malware
One of the most important parts of keeping a business safer from cyber thieves is to keep the system safe from malware. This damaging software can spread easily, and it’s often simple mistakes that let it in. Avoiding software like ransomware keeps data safer and prevents the enormous price tag that comes with cleaning up after a data breach. Keeping security in place that blocks this software from entering your computer network is a must in today’s office.

Keeping Networks Secure
If you aren’t sure what your small business is doing for its cybersecurity, the chances are that it isn’t nearly enough. There should be multiple factors put into place to keep the network safe. The use of strong passwords that get changed regularly is one of the easiest ways to guard against hacks, but it doesn’t work unless every user of the network participates in the protections. Every employee should know that the security of the network depends on them just as much as it does any other employee.

Network Monitoring
If a hack does happen, the situation must be dealt with immediately to minimize damage and get the cyber thieves out of the system. Cybersecurity that includes network monitoring provides for a fast reaction should the worst happen. This enables the system to end an attack if an innocent mistake is made on the part of an employee. Having a plan in place is essential today for staying in business after there has been a data breach. Not having a plan in place means that more damage will be done to your system, and reputation, while the mess is cleaned up afterward.

If your company needs a higher level of cybersecurity, contact us today to get started with better security that will help your business to stay privacy compliant.


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