“This award confirms Centriworks’ commitment to excellence, which results in providing our clients the best experience possible,” says J. Mark DeNicola, Centriworks’ Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. 

Centriworks has once again been officially recognized as a certified 2024 RICOH Pro Dealer Partner, and the only Tennessee-recognized company to hold the title. We’re also proud to say we’ve earned this award for the past five years since its’ inception (2018-2024). We’ve been honored for our commitment to training only the best, top-notch service technicians in the field and delivering superior, technically-sound customer support.

The RICOH Pro Dealer Partner title is earned by less than 20% of RICOH dealerships nationwide. The award was designed to distinguish excellent, customer-focused Dealers from the rest. Centriworks was recognized for our gold-standard service and support, working alongside East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia business owners to make the most of their RICOH copier and laser printers. Our team’s commitment to the job, dedication to our people, and the extensive training endured to get where we are today haven’t gone unnoticed, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Centriworks also ranked as one of the nation’s top Dealers in RICOH’s national testing program for technicians. Based on the program’s curriculum, we’re happy to say we employ some of the highest-ranked technicians in the country — having achieved a score of 90 or higher on their excellence tests. Our service technicians are in the top 3% of the 4,010 service engineers that were eligible to participate in the rigorous 2024 exams and vetting process.


We’re #1 in East Tennessee for a reason. 

To be Pro Dealer Partner certified is to be elite, wearing a badge of dedication to our service on our sleeves where clients can plainly see. Our team of technology experts truly do care about the people they work with every day, whether that be over the phone or just a few desks over. Our title displays what our clients can expect: industry leading and award-winning support for their equipment lifespans. Here’s to another year of helping East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia work smarter.

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  • 5 Cybersecurity Challenges Your Business Can Prevent
  • 5 Solutions to Help Ensure Business Continuity
  • 5 Self Assessment Questions to Get You Started

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