Okay, maybe you’ve never heard of this “holiday” before—but before you dismiss World Backup Day because it doesn’t involve chocolate hearts or fireworks, keep in mind that it could be one of the most important days of the year for your business or organization.

Most experts agree data loss isn’t a question of “if” it will happen to you, but a question of “when.” And when data loss happens, having a redundant, offsite backup system can mean the difference between a minor nuisance and a total catastrophe.

Data loss can end your business.

Major data loss, and the resulting downtime, can cripple any business. Many studies have shown that the vast majority of companies that experience a major loss of data go out of business within two years. The new advances in data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity technologies offered by Centriworks have made it affordable for even small businesses to survive and keep going no matter what the disaster—minor or major, environmental or technological.

Downtime comes in all shapes and sizes:

  • Natural Disasters
  • Human Error
  • Technology Failure
  • External Threats


Where and how to create backups?

Small and medium-sized businesses are incredibly vulnerable to data loss, and often lack a cohesive strategy to protect files. Different environments require different backup technologies, which is one reason many organizations that operate virtual/physical hybrid environments have incomplete backup solutions in place that leave crucial material unprotected.

Some businesses back up only absolutely critical data, assuming that files that aren’t backed up can be rebuilt. Others rely on piecemeal solutions, using different tools for different types of servers. Neither expediency typically offers complete protection and predictability of recovery, leading to increased downtime and potential for lost customers and revenue.

Complete backup protection in a hybrid, virtual or physical environment is best provided by a unified solution, one that can bring a suite of tools and technologies together for seamless management and reporting in one interface, instead of forcing an organization to rely on an ad hoc collection of tools that must be separately administered. As a bonus, such a unified solution is typically more affordable than a collection of separate solutions that may require additional hardware and maintenance.

Don’t let downtime be an option for your business.

Effects of downtime can be very costly. Fines, overtime, repairs, recovery and compensation are just the beginning—other costs can include dealing with the fallout from stolen information, reputation damage, customer retention issues, lost revenue, and productivity loss.

So are you ready to celebrate World Backup Day?

This holiday is a reminder that data protection is an ongoing activity—not something you should just worry about once a year. It’s an important time to review your strategy and assess your ability to restore crucial files, folders and documents in the event of loss. Centriworks offers on and offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions that can be customized to suit your particular organization’s needs.

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