Records of training, required education, proof of education and adherence to regulations may be essential to keep for your organization, depending on your industry. However, it can be overwhelming to maintain and catalog extensive hard copy records – especially if the training organization doesn’t operate on digital copies.

That’s where document management comes in. You can scan, upload, and organize files to prove that your company invests in education and best practices through continued learning.

Essential to Any Industry

Your industry may not have the same requirements as healthcare or academia, but there may be more compliance in continued education than you think. Keeping records together can also help employees to build a resume of training, meaning they are more invested in your organization and your future growth.

Follow the paperless path to success

Going paperless means that you can get on top of digital records for training and all aspects of your organization. Here’s what the path looks like:

Storage Solutions
Instead of piling documents in filing cabinets that you’ll never look through, maintain them in online files that are searchable through keyword search. Not only will you find the files when you need them, but you won’t waste hours looking.

Organizational Answers
These organizational hacks extend farther than just finding files. You can refer back to previous classes completed, view dates of completion, and easily plan for future training by having all the recorded information you need handy.

Centriworks Has the Experts

To get your digital system started, just contact Centriworks, where the team of professionals will work with you to identify the features you need and how to help your business go paperless.

J. Mark DeNicola /// Centriworks CFO/Executive Director, Sales + Marketing

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